2058 Series Microscopes

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SKU 2058 Series Microscopes
  • Monocular or dual view head, 45° inclined, rotates 360°
  • Slip-clutch prevents damage to focus mechanism, while rack stop prevents damage to objectives and specimen slides
  • Round movable stage that glides to adjust and control placement of the specimen
  • LED illumination with light intensity control provides a clear and crisp, cool-to-touch white light that lasts up to 60X longer than traditional tungsten bulbs
  • Scaled back, simple design of microscope is ideal for young students

These compound microscopes have a 45° inclined viewing head that rotates 360°. Achromatic objectives are parfocaled, parcentered and color-coded to provide sharp, color-corrected magnified images. Brightfield LED illumination illuminates the specimen from below, making the specimen appear bright, but much darker then the bright background. A disc diaphragm controls the amount of light illuminating the specimen. The round gliding stage has an opening for light to pass through and allows for multidirectional, precise slide adjustment. The one touch stage clips secure the slide in place for viewing. Rugged metal components engineered for years of reliable performance. Packed in a fitted Styrofoam box and includes a dust cover and instruction manual. 5-year limited warranty excluding bulbs.

2058-LED  Monocular 4X, 10X, 40XR LED Corded
2058-RC  Monocular 4X, 10X, 40XR LED Cordless
2058-T-LED  45° Dual View 4X, 10X, 40XR LED Corded
2058-T-RC  45° Dual View 4X, 10X, 40XR LED Cordless


Model 2058-LED
Head Monocular head, 45° inclined, 360° rotatable Dual view head, 45° inclined, 360° rotatable
Eyepiece 10X wide-field eyepiece with pointer
25X wide-field eyepiece
Two 10X wide-field eyepieces, one with pointer
One 25X wide-field eyepiece
Nosepiece Reverse, three position nosepiece with positive stop clicks
Objectives 4X, 10X, 40X glass achromatic objectives, parfocaled, parcentered, color-coded
3.5" round, movable stage, one touch stage clips
Diaphragm 5 hole disc diaphragm, white frosted filter
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine focus control with built-in slip clutch and rack stop
Illumination LED illumination with light intensity control
Power LED: 3-wire grounded power cord  RC: 3 AA NiMH batteries or AC adapter (both included)
Warranty 5 year limited warranty