Walter Products is a major wholesale supplier of scientific products throughout North America, and has been serving the educational, medical and industrial sectors since 1987. Our company is committed to providing quality and top performing products that are competitive within the industry. We offer competitive pricing on various scientific products including microscopes, balanaces, anatomical models. laboratory equipment and we continue to expand our current product line.
We specialize in microscopy and offer a large selection of compound and stereo microscopes. Our on-site technichians provide quality control and inspect each microscope to ensure quality in workmanship and functionality. Selected models include a limited 5 year warranty with a guarantee of our microscopes to be free from manufacturers defects. We offer private labeling to our dealers, customized manuals and provide drop shipping services at no additional charge.
Our warehouse is fully stocked with inventory to ensure we meet the volume demands of our distributors. Our centralized location provides and advantage for domestic shipments, both in Canada and the U.S., which helps to alleviate high shipping fees.
At Walter Products, our goal is to continue to provide competitive pricing and the best overall customer service experience to all of our customers.