Anatomy Dissecting Kit

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  • Kit contains 13 dissecting instruments
  • All tools are constructed of premium stainless steel (unless otherwise noted)
  • Comes in a double fold vinyl case

Finest quality dissection instruments in a double fold vinyl case. This dissecting kit contains two dissecting scissors - Iris and sharp/blunt. This dissecting kit also contains three fine quality scalpels to fulfill all possible cutting needs during dissection. Two fine quality forceps, one is medium point and other is fine point, are provided to handle dissection needs. Instruments are constructed of premium stainless steel unless otherwise noted.

Cartilage knife, 2" blade
Dissecting scalpel, 1.5" blade
Narrow blade scalpel, 1.5" blade
Dissecting forceps with guide pin, medium points, 4.5"
Dissecting Forceps with guide pin, curved, fine points, 4.5"
Dissecting scissors, Iris, 4.5"
Dissecting scissor with one point sharp and other point blunt, 5.5"
Dissecting teasing needle, straight with metal chuck
Dissecting teasing needle, angular with metal chuck
Mall probe, chrome, 6"
Plastic ruler with inches and centimeters markings, 6"
Dissecting chain and hook, chrome
Dissecting blow Pipe, 6"
Double fold Vinyl case