Low-Form Glass Beakers

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SKU Low-Form Glass Beakers
  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • Double graduated metric scale and large marking spot
  • Low coefficient of expansion
  • Conforms to Standard ISO 3819

These Kimble Bomex griffin low-form beakers are made of borosilicate glass. Feature a double graduated metric scale in permanent white enamel with a large marking spot. Beakers have a low coefficient of expansion that provides thermal and chemical shock resistance.

C10204-12 50mL  10mL 12/PK
C10205-12 100mL  10mL 12/PK
C10211-6 500mL  50mL 6/PK
C10212-6 600mL  50mL 6/PK
C10214-6 1000mL  50mL 6/PK