Buying a Microscope Online: Tips & Advice
When choosing a scientific instrument as complex as a microscope, we at Isaac Technologies understand the diverse selection of models and accessory options can seem endless. If you are a purchasing a microscope for the 1st time, or are unsure of what you’re looking for, we have compiled an overview of essential tips that will help you make the right choice.
Online Purchases
With the increasing popularity of online shopping, our website is designed to cater to your needs. We take a professional approach, providing you with all the information necessary to make a well-informed decision. We narrow the selection to simplify the process, providing a stress-free shopping experience.
We also offer several levels of assistance in your online purchase, including consultations available through your web browser. We purpose to offer relevant accessory options, ensuring that the suggested accessories are beyond doubt, the perfect match for your microscope.
Due to the fact that online shopping is heavily sales-oriented, gimmicks are often used to generate more revenue. With no professional advice at their disposal, unaware customers are led to make hasty, spur-of-the-moment decisions, buying into high-sounding sales pitches and misleading gimmicks.
Here are some gimmicks commonly found when purchasing a microscope:
  • Microscopes are paired without upgraded components, or without proper components intended for specific design. Ex: a binocular head is paired with a small base designed for a monocular head microscope. This results in instability, insufficient lighting and poor imaging.
  • Mismatching of accessories. Ex: A high-end microscope is paired with a low-end digital camera.
  • Prices are drastically discounted: Some websites give their customers the false impression that an item has been significantly reduced in price, leading the customer to purchase the item without further thought.

What Makes Us Unique
Quality Guarantee
Our microscopes are quality-built with the most advanced lighting systems, superior optical features and ergonomic designs. Our microscopes are manufactured accordingly under strict requirements and ensure the best classroom instruction, based on North American standards.
Over the last 30 years at Parco Scientific, our team of dedicated technicians and staff have developed a broad understanding of microscopy. Our ‘value -added ‘feature incorporates this knowledge and understanding into most of our designs. We take every aspect of performance into consideration with our goal being to produce more user-friendly microscopes. Features such as, calibrated pointers, built-in cord wraps, and student proof designs, add value to several of our models, providing you with optimum functionality and ease of use.
14 Day Return Policy
We offer a 14-day return policy. This is more than double the amount of time provided by most online retailers.
Competitive Quality Pricing
At Parco Scientific, we aim to provide competitive pricing without compromising quality. We offer a precise selection of products, rather than providing hundreds of unnecessary options.
Open-Box Policy
  • Our team of experienced technicians frequently inspect our microscopes prior to shipping, to ensure safety and functionality
  • Lenses are guaranteed to be clean and dust-free ,while objectives are parfocaled & parcentered