Red Spirit-Filled Glass Thermometers

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SKU Red Spirit-Filled Glass Thermometers
  • Red spirit filled student grade thermometers
  • 12" long, etched in 1mm increments
  • Partial and total immersion available

Red spirit filled student grade thermometers, 12" in length. Etched in 1mm increments and individually packaged in reusable plastic sheath. Available with or without the non-roll triangle. 

C12101 -20 to 110°C  Partial Each
C12102 -20 to 110°C  Total Each
C12103 -10 to 150°C  Partial Each
C12104 -10 to 150°C  Total Each
C12105 -10 to 200°C  Partial Each
C12106 -10 to 200°C  Total Each
C12107 -20 to 110°C w/Anti-Roll Triangle  Partial Each
C12108 -20 to 110°C w/Anti-Roll Triangle  Total Each
C12109 -20 to 150°C w/Anti-Roll Triangle  Total Each
C12110 -20 to 150°C w/Anti-Roll Triangle  Partial Each